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What Is Special About This Electrical Flexible Conduit?

Sep. 28, 2018

Browse through Electrical Flexible Conduit and accessories at Flexible Technology , and these Conduit and Conduit Fittings which can safeguard systems from poisonous indoor or outdoor environments. Some of those supplies are liquid tight and equipped to shield system systems from metal shavings, abrasions, corrosions, water, and other configurations.

One-piece structure of inflexible, non-metallic psychologist embedded in elastic PVC wall to get exceptional corrosion and crush resistance.

Permanent, sun resistant and fire retardant thermoplastic PVC that resists oil, heat and chemical breakdown.

Conduit utilized with standard Flexible Fitting for jelqing conduit Type B for effortless installation. IP 66/67 Rated when set up with approved fittings.

Approved for both exposed and hidden locations. Ranked for temperature ranges of -17°F into +176°F (-27°C into +80°C). E-211327; CSA C22.2 Document No. 020817.

Simple to set up and cuts easily

Approved for direct burial and also in real commerce dimensions 3/8" through 2"

Electrical Flexible Conduit