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The Overview Of Flexible Galvanized Steel Conduit

Oct. 08, 2018

We supply an extensive selection of Flexible Galvanized Steel Conduit, which is made as a way to give mechanical strength and greater flexibility. These helically wound elastic conduits in galvanized steel have been valued for attributes like corrosion resistance, durability, and high usable life. We provide these Flexible Conduit in organic in addition to in zinc complete.

Application Areas of Galvanized Steel Flexible Metal Conduit

Toilet fittings and interiors

Places subject to Sparks and Heat (foundries, welding, etc)

Employed as mechanical Security for insulated Electric cables and wires Which are Practical in normal atmospheric temperature

Under Ground Software Such as computer/floor boxes

For furnace/oven Software

Used for Linking machines into controls

Specifications of Metal Conduits

High mechanical Power

Highly flexible

Temperature range: -100°C into +300°C

IP Evaluation: IP40 with Regular fittings

Inherent low fire hazard product

Flexible Galvanized Steel Conduit