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How Much Do You Know About Gooseneck Tube ?

Sep. 14, 2018

The Gooseneck Tube is a type of metal hose. The end face of the pipe should be flush, and the produced pipe should be ground and smoothed on the grinding wheel and other tools after sawing, and the burr should be removed, cleaned and washed with high-pressure air before use. It is a metal hose that is used as a desk lamp hose, LED hose, and metal styling hose.

The gooseneck has excellent resistance to bending and fatigue. It is also Interlock Gooseneck Tube, which a metal shaped tube that can be bent and directional metal parts. Often used on lighting desk lamps, medical aspects, etc.

Advantages of this tube

Positionable Support

Mechanical Strength

Chemical Resistance

Combinations of fittings

Available with Heat Shrink PVC /Polyolefin cover

Gooseneck Tube