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You Will Like The International Of Conduit-Interlock

May. 25, 2018

The Conduit-interlock are more thicker than Squarelock tubes. By interlocking Engineered stainless steel tape that the elastic conduit gets stronger. The Interlock conduits withstand high lateral pressure, pulling and twisting, with repeated bending making them an perfect alternative for protecting optical fibers and light guides.


1 300 series stainless steel structure

2 Obviously rust and rust resistant

3 Superior strength and durability

4 Smooth inside for Simple cable pull-thru

5 Extremely flexible for Simple setup

7 Outstanding crush proof attributes

8 will withstand roughly 750 degrees F

9 Could be supplied rigid wound based on end use program

Flexible is one of the leading Conduit-interlock suppliers. Our  Conduit-interlock has high quality and competitive price.