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Four Types Of Electrical Flexible Conduit Explained 2

Nov. 29, 2018

In the previous article, we explained two types of Electrical Flexible Conduit. At this time we will continue to explain the other two types of Flexible Conduit for you.

3. Flexible Metallic Conduits

Metallic Flexible Conduit, or FMT, is a kind of metallic tubing that's completely adjustable. However it does not have the watertight shielding coat. Flexible metallic tubing may be flexed into just about any form and hauled via the wall easily. That makes it well suited for use in DIY jobs whenever you don't wish to bother linking and bending sections of conduit.

4. Liquid Tight Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit

Liquid Tight Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit, or LNFC or even FNMC, is a set of a range of distinct varieties of electric conduit that are non-metallic and fire resistant. These kinds of conduit have a watertight coating to give protection against water.

Some kinds of the LNFC have reinforcement within the walls of the conduit for extra strength. Liquid Tight Flexible Non Metallic Conduit is acceptable for use everywhere such as locations considered poisonous.

These are just 4 of the most frequent kinds of flexible electrical conduit and they're incredibly helpful. Applying these Flexible Conduit means you don't need to be concerned about bending or using expert tools to form the conduit to the ideal shapes. 

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