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How To Cut Flexible Metal Conduits?

Oct. 25, 2018

Electrical Flexible Conduit Shield and Path Electric wiring.

They may be made of several materials such as plastic, metal, fiber, or clay that is fired. Flexible and rigid conduits can be found. The kind of conduit used is dependent on wiring regulations determined by local and national codes. When dealing with conduits, there are a couple of techniques you can use to reduce them into the size required. Though flexible conduit is a lot easier to utilize than rigid conduit, it provides less security for those conductors it conveys. Bending a stiff conduit may be an arduous undertaking so it's often easier to choose the elastic selection. Flexible Metal Conduits possess an edge over PVC conduits since they are also able to function as the grounding path. But some regional codes will require that you also conduct a green grounding cable.

Flexible Metal Conduit Manufacturer tell you the specific cutting steps.

Step 1 - Measure Distance

Step 2 - Place Conduit in Vice

Step 3 - Cut the Conduit

Step 4 - Smooth Out the Edge

Step 5 - Clean Up

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