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Which Amored Optical Fiber Cable Should I Choose?

Jan. 06, 2022

The picking of Armored Fiber Optic Cable is similar to the choice of standard fiber wires. Fiber type (OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, or OM4), fiber cable and count riser should be considered. But, there's many exceptional attributes of armored fiber optic cable, so the armored fiber cable choice must also consider a number of different aspects.

The market might offer Armored Fiber Optic Cables with various sorts of armor tubes that are with various structures and substances. The most widely used armor tubes are with interlock layout and corrugated layout as revealed. For the time being, the interlock Armored Optical Fiber Patchcord is extremely popular and used in a great deal of indoor and subtropical applications. In terms of the materiel for chemical tube, aluminum and steel are the most frequently utilized. Today mild steel armored fiber wires are being extensively utilized in a great deal of indoor uses, due to its lower weight and elastic attributes. 

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