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Flexible Metal Conduits Are Available In Many Different Options 

Jan. 07, 2019

Flexible Metal Conduit can be obtained using two different wall thicknesses. The thicker flexible metallic conduit is complete wall along with the thinner wall merchandise is Reduced Wall flexible metallic conduit. Total Wall is much more robust and is defined in which the specification requires additional mechanical protection. The Reduced wall Flexible Conduit is offered in both high quality galvanized steel and an aluminum alloy strip of uniform indicator for a superb combination of strength and endurance. Decreased wall flexible conduit may be used in flexible metallic raceway systems for electric power, communication wires, engine leads, recorded assemblies and cable fittings and fabricated wiring systems. The Reduced Wall product should additionally meet an effect performance evaluation.

Extra elastic conduit is a non-UL additional flexible conduit made out of top grade galvanized low carbon steel having an interlocking design and can be rust resistant. This item is fabricated from a continuous length of top grade steel, hot dipped in a zinc bath for defense against ordinary effects of rust. Additional flexible conduit and also our Flexible Galvanized Steel Conduit may also be utilized in elastic metallic raceway systems for particular programs where UL and other agency approvals aren't required. 

Flexible Metal Conduit