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Classification Of Armored Optical Fiber Cable

Dec. 17, 2018

Armored Optical Fiber Cable has important applications in telecom fiber long-distance lines and primary and secondary trunk transmission. However, the armored fiber that the general network management usually touches is mostly used for two fiber network devices used in the connection of the equipment room. Such armored fibers are relatively short in length. Often referred to as an Armored Optical Fiber Patchcord . It is wrapped with a protective "armor" on the outside of the fiber, which is mainly used to meet the requirements of customers to prevent rat bites and moisture.

Generally, the  Armored Optical Fiber Pigtail has a layer of metal enamel inside the outer skin, so that the inner core is protected, and has the function of resisting strong pressure and stretching, and can prevent rat bites and insects.

Below we will introduce you to the classification of Armored Fiber Optic Cables.

According to the place of use: indoor armored cable

There are single and double Armored (indoor cable). The single core indoor armored cable structure is:

Single core single mode indoor armored cable (single turn)

Single core single mode indoor armored cable (single turn)

Tightly wrapped fiber + aramid (with tensile effect) + stainless steel hose (compressive, anti-bending, anti-bite) + stainless steel braided wire (anti-torsion) + outer sheath (usually PVC, According to different functions, there are flame retardant PVC, LSZH, Teflon, silicone tube, etc.).

Advantages: high tensile strength, high compression resistance, rat bite resistance; resistance to improper torsion bending damage; simple construction, saving maintenance costs; adapt to various harsh environments and man-made damage.

Disadvantages: The weight is heavier than ordinary cable. The price is higher than ordinary fiber optic cable.

Outdoor Armored Optical Fiber Cable:

There are scorns and heavy points (outdoor cable). The shackles have steel strips and aluminum strips that act to strengthen and prevent rodent bites. The heavy glutinous rice is a circle of steel wire, which is generally used in riverbeds and seabeds. Generally, the armored optical cable is more expensive than the non-twisted optical cable. Generally, the steel strip and the aluminum strip are much cheaper than the aramid (the aramid is mainly used for special occasions).

Armored Optical Fiber Cable