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Multi-stage "Flexible metal conduit" Structural Design and Extension

Jun. 07, 2022

How to make the performance and use of flexible metal conduit more perfect? Here is a further in-depth analysis of the "flexible structure above".



Flexible foundation.

In fact, the flexible basis from the choice of materials, and the steel toughness of the material, avoid rigidity does not mean endurance, we will be fast reset and reset accuracy, as the basis of the flexible basis of the standard, so, in the flexible product design, these two basic data is indispensable.


Design extension of flexible structures.

In the field of minimally invasive, the flexible structure we face, is a linear single structure design, such a structure is basically to meet the product requirements, we need to carry out the second fit fixed, the second fit fixed will increase the risk of dislodgement or accuracy deviation.




Flexible radial multi-stage.

In the extension of flexibility, we have made a lot of attempts on top of double-stage and multi-stage. After the multi-stage metal tube is precisely multi-stage necking, five-dimensional processing, its precision performance is very good, and then intervene in the reducer of other parts assembly, with effective reduction and prevention of the risk of falling off.


Flexible axial multi-stage.

Flexible axial multi-stage, the original design intention is that, according to each level of structural instrumentation requirements and to achieve the function at the same time, reflecting the important special characteristics of the strength of each level, these designs and our geometric structure has a lot to do with the design of various types of shapes depends on the ultimate performance of our products target needs. (Note here that the design needs to be based on the positioning of the product cost, and then to plant such as the corresponding process action, remember: the more action the longer the processing distance, the higher the cost).