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What are the reasons that affect the signal attenuation of optical fiber cable?

Mar. 29, 2022

What are the reasons that affect the signal attenuation of optical fiber cable?



As we all know that signal attenuation is inevitable during cable wiring, The reasons for this are internal and external: the internal attenuation is related to the optical fiber material, and the external attenuation is related to the construction and installation. Therefore, it should be noted that:


1. The first thing that should be done is that technical personnel who have received strict training should carry out the termination and maintenance of the optical fiber, and operate in accordance with the optical fiber construction specifications.

2. There must be a very complete design and construction drawings, so that the construction and future inspections are convenient and reliable. During construction, be careful not to put the optical cable under heavy pressure or be injured by hard objects; in addition, the traction force should not exceed the maximum laying tension.

3. When the optical fiber is about to turn, its turning radius should be greater than 20 times the diameter of the optical fiber itself. When the optical fiber passes through the wall or the floor, a protective plastic pipe with a protective mouth should be added, and the pipe should be filled with a flame-retardant filler. A certain amount of plastic pipes can also be laid in the building in advance.

4. When the optical fiber is used in the backbone network, at least 6-core optical cable should be used in the wiring closet of each floor, and 12-core optical cable can be used for advanced applications. This is considered from the three aspects of application, backup and capacity expansion.

5. The most important thing for longer-distance fiber laying is to choose a suitable path. Here is not necessarily the shortest path is the best, but also pay attention to the right to use the land, the possibility of erection or burial, etc.