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What Is the Transmission Distance of the Fiber Drop Cable?

Mar. 11, 2022

Professional drop cable manufacturer tells you: the transmission distance of drop cable is up to 70 km. However, in general, the builder will cover the fiber optic backbone to the entrance of the room, and then decode it through the optical terminal.  


 drop cable

Drop cable

It is a bending-resistant optical fiber, can provide greater bandwidth to enhance network transmission performance; using two parallel fiberglass or metal reinforcement, the drop cable has good resistance to compression, to protect the fiber; the cable structure is simple, light weight, practical; with a unique groove design, easy to peel, can be easily spliced. 

If it is single-mode, it can go farther, but if a kilometer project is done with a split line, it should be an outside project, so is not the feeling that the skin line is too fragile, it is easy to break, and not so much force.


In recent years, with the development of optical information industry and related promotion, FTTH (Fiber to the Home) has become the solution model for the recent development of access networks. It adapts to the development of technology in the optical field, and also meets the high-speed and large-capacity users of optical network signals. Transmission requirements. In high-capacity FTTH access projects, the mechanical bending performance and tensile performance of conventional indoor fiber optic cable can no longer meet the requirements of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) indoor cabling. In the case of market demand, low bending radius, high strength leather fiber optic cable came into being, will be widely used in FTTH (fiber to the home) access network.


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