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Smaller, Lighter, More Flexible Fiber Optic Cables Meet Today's Growing Demand

Feb. 09, 2022

As more advanced technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) require higher bandwidth, the demand for fiber optic cables has steadily increased. According to Reportlinker's "Fiber Optic Cable Market - Growth, Trends and Forecasts" (202-2025), the global fiber optic cable market is expected to exceed $16.3 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 14. From commercial, residential and security applications to antenna systems (DAS)/wireless and transportation applications, fiber optic cables are in high demand. Now, with remote working and learning becoming the "new normal" for electrical contractors, cable installers, designers and engineers, COVID-19 is generating greater demand for more bandwidth.

Until recently, aluminum interlocking armored (AIA) cable was the specified product, but it was not without its challenges. Logistical challenges associated with installing this cable in narrow paths, areas already congested with cables, and locations susceptible to environmental stress are common. An alternative solution can be used to alleviate the challenges associated with traditional AIA cables - fiber optic cables.

Armored Optical Fiber Cable


Unique Design and Performance Features

At the heart of the value of Zhejiang Flexible Technology's fiber optic cables are their physical characteristics. This future-proof, next-generation solution is more than AIA (i.e., its 12-armor fiber is 13.95 mm in diameter and weighs 206 lbs. at 300 ft.). This results in a 500% increase in pathway capacity. Tight or curved pathways, small core holes, risers and pressurization applications pose no problem.


Flexible fiber optic cable offers unmatched bend radius thanks to its patented tightly wound stainless steel coils that provide superior strength and flexibility. This is because its crush-proof armor effectively protects the delicate glass fiber bundle from any potential damage caused by bending. It is ideal for recycling conduits, and its smaller size allows it to easily navigate through narrow paths, curved spaces, aerial and underground routes, and takes less time than AIA. flexible can effectively manage outdoor or direct burial and low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) applications.

For installers, its size, weight and bend radius represent an easier and faster installation. For homeowners, the reduction in installation time and labor time can result in significant cost savings. Thanks to its strength, durability and rodent resistance, Flexible is also very sustainable and can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.


Meeting the needs of diverse industries

Flexible fiber optic cable is being used in several major transportation projects. It has a wide range of applications as it helps provide reliable broadband in office buildings, data centers, hospitals, colleges, convention centers and sports stadiums across the country. In addition to facilitating fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) applications in multi-family buildings and single-family residential communities, it is helping to bring broadband to rural communities across the country. Each application has its own challenges. For example, data centers with highly congested cables and minimal space; long-haul telecommunications carriers need resilient, scalable fiber solutions to keep up with soaring demand for cellular networks; and transportation entities.

With the explosive growth of data traffic from the Internet, e-commerce applications, computer networks and multimedia applications, the high demand for fiber optic cables capable of delivering unlimited bandwidth is undeniable. It is critical to provide that bandwidth in a solution that can also accommodate the physical footprint, space and design constraints of existing buildings and infrastructure, support faster project delivery for new construction, and be cost effective and sustainable.


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