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Chicago Plenum Flexible Metal Tubing

Chicago Plenum Flexible Metal Tubing
  • Chicago Plenum Flexible Metal Tubing
  • Chicago Plenum Flexible Metal Tubing
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PFMT Series
Chicago Plenum Flexible Metal Tubing

Chicago Plenum Metal Flexible Conduit, PFMT series, is made of RoHS-compliant and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel strip, coiled in a double-lock form. The tight double-lock structure allows the flexible conduit to achieve air-tight and liquid-tight protection without plastic coating. Moreover, its weight is only 60% of that of the Flexible Metal Conduit (FMC). Additionally, it offers the functionality of directional installation.

Product Description

The type of conduit is installed in the ventilation duct space above the ceiling or in equipment or devices mounted on raised floors. This series of airtight metal flexible conduits, when paired with sealed connectors, can be employed to protect electrical circuits. It creates a comprehensive airtight condition with the equipment or devices, preventing air conditioning leakage in the active space and enhancing energy efficiency. Additionally, in the event of a fire caused by electrical circuit faults, it effectively blocks the dispersion of toxic gases produced when wires burn into the environment. During the activation of the fire sprinkler system, it also prevents water vapor from entering the conduit, avoiding the escalation of the disaster and enhancing electrical safetyThis series is suitable for protecting circuits with a voltage of less than 1KV, such as indoor lighting equipment, 

and other equipment or circuit protection in distribution systems.

Chicago Plenum Metal Flexible Conduit is specifically designed and certified for use in plenum spaces, which are air handling spaces in buildings such as air ducts, HVAC systems, and drop ceilings. Typically made from galvanized steel or aluminum, providing durability and protection against physical damage and corrosion.Offers flexibility for easy installation and routing of electrical cables in tight and complex spaces within buildings.Designed to resist fire and prevent the spread of flames and smoke in plenum areas, contributing to overall building safety.

Its plenum-rated construction, combined with durability, flexibility, and fire resistance, makes it essential for ensuring compliance with building codes and maintaining overall safety in commercial, industrial, and institutional environments. Choosing Chicago Plenum Metal Flexible Conduit provides peace of mind that electrical installations in plenum areas are secure, reliable, and compliant with regulatory requirements.Welcome your consultation!


Material:Galvanized Steel 

Temperature Range : -50℃~+350℃

IP Rating : IP 66

Flexibility : Medium

RoHS Compliance : Yes

Certificate : CE 

Flexible Metal Conduit Available Size 

型号/Type英寸/INCHI.D.内径/(mm)O.D.外径/(mm)Bending Radius(mm)FittingsPackage / Roll (ft/m)
PFMT-3/83/812.29-12.8014.22-16.87255S271100 / 30.5
PFMT-1/21/215.75-16.2618.80-20.32318S272100 / 30.5
PFMT-3/43/420.83-21.3423.88-25.40445S273100 / 30.5

Flexible Metal Conduit Price

There is no exact price for flexible metal conduit .This is due to the different types and sizes of conduit. In addition, electricians charge differently than for the installation of electrical conduit. There are many types of electrical conduit. They vary in material, price and layout.You can contact us for excact price

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