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Flexible Oval Steel Conduit

Flexible Oval Steel Conduit
  • Flexible Oval Steel Conduit
  • Flexible Oval Steel Conduit
  • Flexible Oval Steel Conduit
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Flexible Oval Steel Conduit
Flexible Oval Steel Conduit (For office furniture and partitions)

XPO series, flexible oval steel conduit is manufactured with hot dip galvanized steel strip by continuous wound to square-lock profile. The material is complaint with RoHS standard and corrosion resistant. Special-shaped square-lock profile provides particular flexibility and mechanical strength. Flexible oval steel conduit is compliant with UL1 standard and approved by UL laboratory with certificate. Oval shape conduit body and its special feature of compressed "U" bend are benefit for the wiring in narrow spaces. Meanwhile, it is also tensile resistance and anti-press that offers comprehensive protection to whole wire system.

Applicable for the wire protection among office furniture, work station and inside the partition.

Product Description

What is Flexible Oval Steel Conduit?

Flexible Oval Steel Conduit is a type of  Flexible Metal Conduit-US used for protecting electrical wiring in various applications. It is made of steel and has an oval-shaped cross-section, distinguishing it from traditional round conduits. This design offers flexibility and space-saving benefits, making it ideal for installations where tight spaces or irregular shapes are encountered.

The conduit is typically constructed from galvanized steel or stainless steel, providing durability and corrosion resistance. It may feature a PVC coating or other protective layers to enhance its resistance to moisture, oils, and other environmental factors.

This type of conduit is often utilized in residential, commercial, and industrial settings for various electrical wiring applications, including lighting fixtures, power distribution, and data communications. Its versatility, durability, and space-saving design make it a preferred choice in many installations where flexibility and efficiency are paramount.

The flexible design of the oval steel conduit allows for easy maneuvering around obstacles and tight spaces. It can be bent and shaped to fit various installation requirements, making it ideal for complex wiring layouts.The steel material is resistant to extreme temperatures and many chemicals, ensuring that the conduit maintains its integrity and protective properties in harsh environments.

Choose our Flexible Oval Steel Conduit for a durable, space-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solution that ensures the safety and longevity of your electrical installations.


Material:Galvanized Steel (Reduced Wall)

Temperature Range : -50℃~+350℃

IP Rating : IP 40

Flexibility : High

RoHS Compliance : Yes

Certificate : cURus, CE 

Certificate No.: E466797

Flexible Metal Conduit Available Size 

型号/Type英寸/INCHI.D.厚度/Thickness(mm)I.D.宽度/Width(mm)O.D.厚度/Thickness(mm)O.D.宽度/Width(mm)Package / Roll (ft/m)
P104240G1XPO-5/89.70-10.8119.37-20.4713.70-14.8023.60-24.70100 / 30.5
P102215G1XPO-9/169.58-10.6916.80-17.9313.57-14.6721.19-22.29100 / 30.5
P118283G1XPO-3/410.73-12.1323.30-24.7114.92-16.3327.49-28.90100 / 30.5

Flexible Metal Conduit Price

There is no exact price for flexible metal conduit .This is due to the different types and sizes of conduit. In addition, electricians charge differently than for the installation of electrical conduit. There are many types of electrical conduit. They vary in material, price and layout.You can contact us for excact price

Flexible Oval Steel Conduit

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