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Electrical Conduit 

What is Electrical Conduit 

An electric conduit is a tube utilized to shield and course electrical circuitry in a building or framework. Electric conduit may be constructed from metal, plastic, fiber, or discharged clay. A lot of channel is stiff, but adaptable avenue is utilized for some functions.

History of Electrical Conduit 

Some early electrical lighting setups made use of existing gas pipeline serving gas light fixtures which had actually been converted to electric lights. Given that this technique supplied great mechanical security for indoor wiring, it was encompassed all sorts of interior electrical wiring and by the very early 20th century purpose-built couplings as well as installations were manufactured for electrical use.

However, most electric codes now ban the directing of electrical conductors with gas piping, as a result of problems regarding damage to electric insulation from the rough insides of pipelines and also fittings frequently utilized for gas.

Types of Electrical Conduit

Rigid Metal Conduit—RMC and IMC.; Electrical Metallic Tubing—EMT.; Electrical Non-Metallic Tubing—ENT.; Flexible Metal Conduit—FMC and LFMC; Rigid PVC Conduit

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